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    Jeremy Hinskton is the photographic artist and founder of SiK Imagery. Jeremy uses his creative eye and personal interpretation of surrealism, fantasy and unconventional style to translate Mother Natureʼs already amazing work into an array of possibilities. Although specializing in applying a dark and sinister tone to many of his images, he also has a unique eye for vivid colors and beauty. While utilizing cutting-edge technology and his own spin on creativity, Jeremy takes your eye on an exciting adventure!

Jeremy’s artistic talents are deep rooted in the music industry, where in parallel, he began photographing landscapes and bands for fun. As an audio engineer by trade, member of multiple bands and producer of countless musical projects, Jeremy’s large circle of friends and colleagues in the industry noticed his photography work and quickly fell in love with his style and creative eye.

Since then, bands and artists hire Jeremy to capture their live shows and produce unique promotional shots. Although landscape and nature photography may be his favorite, Jeremy will always have a huge place in his heart for music. 

For inquiries on hiring Jeremy, please click on the “Contact” button above, and send him a message. Thank you for visiting!

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